HostingX Jelastic vs share hosting and VPS comparison

For the studies, we deployed a WordPress website from the auto-installer, put a topic on it, a bit more togony than normal, and added dozens of pages with images.

According to our statistics, a huge proportion of websites hosted on a hosting account for up to 500 people per day, each of which runs across an average of 2-3 pages of a website. The page on average is loaded for 20-25 requests. Total we have within 35 thousand 1 day per week, an average of 1600 requests per hour, in practice, corresponds to a load of 250 MHz (2 cloudsets) for Apache and 1 cloudlet for MySQL (with enabled caching).

Sopono our tariffs, 3 klaudlet, we give you money, depending on if the load is distributed depending on what). But in practice, the website contains an uneven distribution of the load in the direction of the day.

Our load modeling is supported by multiple servers sending to the website.

More details:

• 4 hours – 1 Apache + 1 cloud mysql MySQL
• 14 hours – 2 Apache + 1 cloud MySQL
• 4 hours – 3 Apache cloudsets + 2 MySQL cloudlets, minus the free cloudlet 4 * 2 * 0.38 = 3.04 rubles
• 4 hours – 4 Apache cloudsets + 2 MySQL cloudlets, minus the free cloudlet 4 * 3 * 0.35 = 4.56 rubles
Total: the approximate cost at 100 percent load will be 273.60 rubles

Yes, the specific amount of several more than the lowest cost of hosting, but the Jelastic apron gives separated resources, which actually allows you not to be dependent on the load generated by other platform users + flexibility of the option, out of reach on the virtual hosting, allows your website to work in some amount one rather.

Now, in this case, we compare Jelastic with VPS. A huge share of day and night resource consumption is equal to 3 of the cloudlet, which is actually equivalent to 600 MHz microprocessor and 368 MB of RAM. VPS-512, which costs 299 rubles. in the moon, covers these resources with the store. But during the hours of greatest load (1200 MHz, 768 MB) it was not possible to remove all the necessary resources, which in fact would inevitably lead to the replacement of the website’s work.

Apart from this, it goes in the footsteps of recalling that the VPS itself is completely autonomously configured, which, on the one hand, allows you to make very optimal settings for you, but, on the other hand, leaves the opportunity to miss when the website will work slower, and the resources at the same time consume more. On our Jelastic hosting, everything is already configured, but you can change the preset characteristics as you strive.

What if?

But in fact, what will happen if you launch a marketing company, and quite a large number of guests will come to your website in a short period of time? We tested the option when 5,000 people visit the website in 2 hours.

As before, the test took place with the support of the Siege, but in its options the requirements for 2 landings were loaded, for which the leading number of transitions were expected, and not to the entire web site. The maximum load on the Apache node for this stage was 3,171 MHz, which actually corresponds to the maximum allowed 16 keys (taking into account the errors of the monitoring system). At the same time, the website visually opened up quite quickly, even at the peak of the load, while the percentage of losing downloads was 0.02%
Operations: 119974 views
• Availability: 99.98%
• Elapsed Time: 7277.39 seconds
• Data transferred: 21114.96 MB
• Transaction speed: 16.48 t / s
• Throughput: 2.88 MB / s
• Successful transactions: 119977
• Transaction failed: 26
• The longest transaction: 8.02
• Shortest transaction: 0.63

Due to caching with a similar load, MySQL consumed only 3 cloudlet. As a result, a two-hour marketing firm turned out to be 16 * 0.35 * 2 = 12 rubles, and if it lasted a day, the price would not exceed 160 rubles.
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