We invite you to take advantage of the Cloud Platform

HostingX service invites you to take advantage of cloud technologies. This model of providing ubiquitous and convenient network access to servers, applications, storage systems, etc. The Cloud Platform is a platform that provides ready-made software and hardware. With it, you can, with minimal management effort, develop, test and deploy your applications, as well as solve a number of other tasks.

Technology features

The emergence of cloud platforms has affected a number of industries. And hosting is no exception. The use of modern cloud technologies has an important advantage – you only need to ensure the availability of a workplace with Internet access. The user of the cloud platform deals only with the administration of the software. Cloud Hosting Providers take care of everything else.
At the same time, the list of such questions is quite wide. The competence of the cloud platform provider includes:
• network and server equipment;
• virtualization;
• maintenance of the infrastructure of the data center;
• administration of operating systems and databases.

Benefits of cooperation

At the same time, Cloud Hosting Providers has a number of advantages. These include the availability of sites in 24/7 mode. After all, hosting is not hosted on a single server, but uses the resources of the entire network. This solution ensures proper load distribution and partitioning of disk space. And this means that your sites will work stably, and inaccessibility or slow downloads are excluded.
At the same time, in addition to providing computing resources, servers take care of backing up data. And if something goes wrong, you can easily restore the version you need. Another important plus is that you only pay for the resources you really need. Due to such features, the Cloud Platform can be recommended both to individual entrepreneurs and small business representatives, as well as to medium and large enterprises. Cloud technologies scale well. Therefore, the HostingX service will help you choose the optimal model for organizations of any scale.