Virtual Server Pros and Cons

Is your website evolving at a fast pace? Probably it’s time to think about cloud hosting. Today, cloud hosting in Russia is only gaining momentum and not everyone is familiar with this concept at all. Meanwhile, cloud hosting in Russia is able to replace shared hosting, combining the best qualities of both.
A cloud is an association of several servers. In fact, this is such a virtual environment that has its own RAM, hard disk, operating system, etc. Modern cloud hosting in Russia will allow you to install the necessary software and customize it according to your needs.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting has a lot of advantages:
• payment on consumption;
• the ability to replace disks without suspending the server;
• the ability to transfer VPS to other servers, without stopping the work;
• saving files on other servers, etc.
One of the main advantages of cloud hosting is the ability to evenly distribute resources. For example, if one of the servers is overloaded, cloud hosting will use the resources of less loaded servers. This principle ensures the stable operation of sites. However, it is not cheap.

VPS server

Service HostingX offers a cost-effective solution. Now you can only pay for consumed resources. To do this, you need to buy a VPS server. On our site you will find a variety of tariff plans. Each of them includes its own package of services, and, based on its needs, you can choose for yourself the most profitable tariff plan. Therefore, before you buy a VPS server, you need to understand for what purpose you need it.
Using our server is very convenient. The clear control panel contains all the necessary functions for going online. With cloud hosting you will be able to host any number of sites. All you have to do is buy a VPS server, and you can add as many sites as you need.
Help is needed? Our HostingX service will gladly help you. Leave your message on the site, and we will reply to you soon!